Ways to import existing source files?


I simulated my RTL code locally, now I would like to synthesize it but I don’t see any way to transfer files to the design environment. I also tried copy and paste but that did not work.
I apologize if that’s documented somewhere, I just did not found the relevant doc, any pointer is very much appreciated.

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Hello Sebastien,

Sorry for the slow response; maybe because my internet was down for a while I only got a message from the forum just now.

Anyway, I assume you have verilog that you want to transfer to the efabless platform. The way to do this is to start a project in CloudV, then in the Edit menu there are options for external copy and paste. We had some problems with those functions the last time I was helping someone with the same issue, but those are supposed to be resolved now. If you have problems with it, there are other methods for uploading files. Just let me know and I can tell you how to do it.


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There is also the method of emailing me the files that you want to upload and I can drop them in your account. It’s something I don’t mind doing as long as there aren’t too many people asking me to do it too often. . .


Hi Tim,

Thanks for your response. Cloudv is a great environment, I overlooked it. I have been able to transfer the files needed and I see them in Opengalaxy, so problem is solved :slight_smile:

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