Transistors documentation for EFXH018A

Hi all!

I am pretty new in this platform and yesterday it was my first day using the OpenGalaxy platform and doing some simulations to get used to it. I would like to do some designs using the EFXH018A PDK, but I have been unable to find the documentation of transistors, resistors and MiMs. I have only found documents for standard cells and some XFAB IP’s, but nothing regarding the mentioned components.
Could you please help me?
Thank you in advanced!!

The main problem is that much of the information is proprietary to X-Fab and so we are not able to put full documentation on the website. For this reason, I usually work with the designer to get them the specific information they need as part of the design process. This would be done through email, not through the public forum. Of course, you can also separately register with X-Fab, sign an NDA, and get access to the process documentation through their site.