Qflow (specifically blifFanout) support?

I see that much of Qflow is instantiated on eFabless. I’m not directly using eFabless as I’m trying to bring up an unsupported process for Qflow and have run into a snag and opencircuitdesign is down.
The synthesis process runs through yosys and then runs blifFanout. It is here that it fails with no errors. It takes the ${modulename}.blif file and puts it the synthesize directory. It moves it to tmp.blif and then calls blifFanout. The resulting file is empty and the number of changed gates (nchanged) has no value.
Is there any documentation on blifFanout (other than the source code)?

Sorry about opencircuitdesign.com being down. I’ll have it back up on July 1.

Which version of qflow are you using? Some “distribution” versions of it are far out of date. Tentatively, I’d suggest that it is easier to update to qflow-1.4 than to debug the specific issue. With opencircuitdesign.com down for a week, you can get the sources from the mirror site github.com/RTimothyEdwards/. However, if you are attempting to use qflow with a process technology other than the ones distributed with qflow, then many problems can occur if the setup is not exactly right.

Each tool in qflow should respond to “-h” to provide a summary of usage.

If you continue to have problems, email me at (tim AT efabless.com) and I can help you work through the problem (my email at opencircuitdesign.com is down along with the server).