Possible access problem in cloud sim

Good day and happy new year!
Sorry, but I’ve been trying to simulate for some time following all the instructions in the articles and webinars but the .raw files just won’t generatei in the NGSpice folder, even for the ef_examples.

I tried running NGSpice in the command window as in the image below:

but I get the ‘Could not find include file…’

And after checking I could not access the directory (maybe it should be read-only and not completely inaccessible?)

Any help is highly appreciated!
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I think the include file directory is below:

In the webinars, .raw files should’ve been immediately generated but I guess was stopped because of this error.

I think that the problem is that you are running ngspice manually on a file that was intended for simcorners. Simcorners has an extra step of making substitutions into the netlist file. “${PDKPATH}” is one of these. If that is the only error in the file (but it may be one of several variables intended for substitution) then you can just copy the netlist to a new file and make the substitution manually, or just run simcorners (which will launch ngspice) (I have not run simcorners manually myself, so I’d have to look up what the options are).

If you opt to make the substitution manually, PDKPATH for EFXH035A is “/ef/tech/XFAB/EFXH035A”.


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Ok, I got it!
Thanks so much Mr. Tim for the prompt replies and support!! (^^,)

By the way, I’m also able to execute simulation in the Electric window.
I just wasn’t able to do it in the previous version of the XFAB folder so I opted for a manual ngspice sim. haha

Thank you and Happy New Year!
Best regards,