Open_pdks flow from Sky130 MPW on Open Galaxy

Hi Efabless Team,

Thank you for all your hard work with Google in prying open a real, actual PDK.

So, related to that, is there any plan to provide the open_pdks flow used with the Sky130 MPW on Open Galaxy?

The general idea seems to be to use the open_pdks flow on your own machine starting with a git clone:

git clone

and following the build and install instructions. I gave this a try, but my poor old Chromebook just didn’t have the room! Looks like even open PDKs need 10s of GiB to install.

So, if there were a command-line environment or a selector in the Open Galaxy Project Manager that could either get one viewing (or forking) the MPW-ONE projects or setting up one’s own project, that would be spiffy, as the kids say. In terms of tooling, it looks like everything in the flow is already installed on Open Galaxy except xschem.

Many thanks,

Hello Efabless Team and Vern! I too have this question, and would like to learn more about implementing the skywater 130 library in general. It looks like the Galaxy Desktop allows to start a project with the SkyWater 130 library but when I create a schematic I get a warning stating: " PDK not configured for Electic: no " and I can’t access the skywater library components.