Get proposals for your next design project

The design request service offers a great way to connect to our design community to explore potential options for your next project.

The way it works is you post a request providing whatever public requirements you would like to share regarding your project. Any sensitive information can be included in a restricted details section of the request and only provided to individuals you choose. You can choose to allow access to this information after some level of discussion, reviewing their profile and experience and/or completing an NDA.

After that, you get initial proposals from designers including their design strategy, approach or architecture for implementing your design. They will also provide a high level schedule and cost estimate for completing your project.

After you review the set of initial proposals, you can choose to move forward or not with the project. If you choose not to move forward, thats fine. There is no further commitment.

If you do want to continue, you may select one or more proposals to request a formal quote. At this point, you will be asked to pay a fee based on the cost estimate for the project and the number of quotes you wish to receive. For the fee, delivery of the requested formal quotes is guaranteed and they will all meet our requirements for completeness and detail of information. These formal quotes are commercially executable providing you with costs and schedules that you can rely on for your project.

Check here to learn more about Design Requests or post a request for your next project.